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Mother's Embrace Yoga

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The Umbrella Shelter Domestic Abuse Center  

Mother's Embrace Yoga is a drop-off site for donations to the Umbrella Shelter, located in Ansonia.  This shelter is a safe haven for women, babies, children and even men if they are involved in domestic abuse at home and need to get out quickly.  The staff of this wonderful place brings compassion, understanding and much needed assistance at such a desparate time. 

Since the shelter houses babies and children too, Mother's Embrace has chosen it as our "charity of choice."  For the past 5+ years we have collected countless numbers of diapers, baby formula, gift cards (mainly to pharmacies or grocery stores) and participated in their Under the Tree program, which purchases gifts for people who would have nothing for Christmas.  Our students have been more than generous with donations that we drop off at the shelter approximately every 4-6 weeks. 

Here is the most up-to-date wish list of needs for the shelter:


*Body wash



*Hair Conditioner

*Tampons and Maxi Pads

*Shower Caddies - to carry items to shower room

*Sweatsuits for toddlers and women up to size 2/3x - all colors welcome

*T-shirts for women and children, as well as socks of all sizes


*All purpose cleaners, such as Lysol or any other brand

*Fabuloso to wash floors

*Bathroom cleaners with bleach

*Toilet bowl cleaner

*Glass cleaner

*Comet cleanser

*Tall kitchen garbage bags

*Small garbage bags (for bathroom waste baskets)

*Freezer bags and Storage bags of all sizes

*Saran wrap

*Paper towels and toilet paper

*Dishwashing liquid

*Dishwasher detergent

*Laundry detergent

*Liquid hand soap

*Personal items for ladies

*Gift cards to grocery stores or pharmacies (they are unable to use medical insurance to pay for prescriptions because this can be tracked)

You do not have to be a student of the studio to donate.  Please help if you can!